Jerome D’Ambrosio: We have a car that can be top five

Jerome D’Ambrosio: We have a car that can be top five

The Mahindra Racing team is pumped for the fourth round of the Formula E in Mexico

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship returns to Mexico City on Saturday for the fourth round of the 2019/20 season. I’m ready to get behind the wheel my #64 M6Electro named ‘The Godfather’ and race the track which I have helped to tweak since last season in order to promote overtaking.

Last season we saw a lot of red flags at race weekends because of the Formula E style chicanes, so we’re trying to remove most – if not all – because we (the drivers) agreed that it was a source of trouble. It might sound counter-productive to remove a braking zone, but the cars are getting faster so, by increasing the straight line, you increase the level of coasting. Lifting and coasting are a really good tool to use for create overtaking opportunities in this championship and ultimately, by minimising the use of chicanes, we’re are increasing the race action for the fans. We removed the chicane at the last race in Santiago and saw quite a few more opportunities for overtaking, which we didn’t have in Season 5.

Santiago is one of the hardest races on the Formula E calendar in terms of tyre and battery temperature management, so in theory, everything from here should be easier. Mexico is a track that is quite hard on the tyres, however, so while battery temperature is not expected to be an issue compared to Chile, it will be a different story for the tyres.

There is no miracle to qualifying so we need to work as well as we did in the opening races to make it through to Super Pole. The field is so tight that it’s difficult to make any predictions, so our focus is on maximising what we can in our race preparations so when we arrive at the track, we’re confident we can put it together. We have a car that can be top five and that’s where we want to be, fighting at the front. Hopefully we manage to achieve that on my side of the garage but, of course, any extra help is appreciated.

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