X1 Racing: Why eSports?

X1 Racing: Why eSports?

Indian Racing driver and X1 Racing league co-founder Aditya Patel tells us why they ventured into eSports

Why eSports?

It started off as a marketing thing, to see how we can reach out to people and at the same time engage them in X1 Racing. That’s when we came up with X1 Racing eSports. Once we started talking to people about it, it kind of evolved as a competition by itself. Also we realised that there are a lot of eSports competitions going on, especially ‘first person shooters’.

No danger

A lot of parents will be more encouraging, as they are not putting their kids into something that is violent. Although, this competition can also get violent and addictive. That’s how the idea of getting eSports came about.

Taking it to the people

The teams were really interested in the concept – participants racing against each other in a mall or in a college, locations that were easily accessible for everyone. Rather than waiting for participants to show up for a race at the track / go-kart track, here people walking by can just walk in and participate. We have received more than 1000 registrations, and the event is a bit more successful than we imagined it to be.

The next step

The winners get a chance to drive a real race car and then Armaan [Ebrahim] and I will train them on the track. That being said, eSports is growing and is huge Worldwide. The main idea is to identify some great eSports talents from this competition.

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