Auto Expo 2020: Maruti Suzuki unveils the Concept Futuro-e

A design study, the concept points in the direction that future Maruti Suzuki cars could take
Auto Expo 2020: Maruti Suzuki unveils the Concept Futuro-e
  • It gets futuristic interiors with swivelling seats and a console

  • Design touches could make their way into future cars

  • Is part of Maruti Suzuki’s Mission Green Millionzuki Auto Expo 2020

Kicking things off, Maruti Suzuki premiered its much talked about Concept Futuro-e at the Auto Expo 2020. An imagination of future green mobility, the Concept Futuro-e is a design study. A stylish coupe SUV, the Concept Futuro-e has tons of concept flourishes when it comes to the design. The most striking of them is the lighting element that runs horizontally across the front of the car with the Suzuki logo at the centre. The Concept Futuro-e has angular bodywork where the grille would be in a traditional ICE. It gets a high shoulder line like most coupe-SUVs do and it neatly merges with the strong muscular rear haunches. The shoulder lines continue to meet the tail lamps which run across the back, horizontally. Interestingly the Concept Futuro-e doesn’t seem to feature a rear windscreen. The coupe shape drops sharply below the taillights and rear end is a mostly vertical surface with a kink that also holds the Suzuki logo. The large tyres fill up the wheel wells nicely and the alloys do look rather striking.

The Concept Futuro-e signifies Maruti Suzuki’s surge towards a greener future with Mission Green Million under which Maruti Suzuki plans to bring one million green vehicles on the roads.

One of the highlights of the Concept Futuro-e is the futuristic interiors which transform according to the driving environment. Concept Futuro-e features flexible swivel travel seats and console to give occupants added freedom. In addition there is the partly translucent upper instrument console that adds to the techno futuristic quotient of the car. There are a number of screens too that promise to make all necessary information available at a glance.

The Concept Futuro-e is a concept that is not likely to see production but several of its design touches could make their way into future Maruti Suzuki SUVs.

Also showcased was Suzuki’s Strong Hybrid technology that is seen on the Swift sold in Japan. The system adopts Suzuki’s unique parallel hybrid system that uses idle stop/start, regenerative braking and torque assist to achieve higher fuel efficiency. Maruti Suzuki intends to introduce vehicles with technology developed along similar lines to the Indian market soon.

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