Bugatti has a new video series on YouTube for the Chiron hosted by its test driver Andy Wallace
Bugatti has a new video series on YouTube for the Chiron hosted by its test driver Andy WallaceBugatti Chiron

Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace demonstrates the Chiron’s capabilities

We get to know the Bugatti Chiron and all its party tricks through a series of videos, starring Bugatti’s test driver Andy Wallace

Bugatti’s longtime test driver Andy Wallace has released a set of videos on the Bugatti YouTube channel called “How to Chiron.” It’s hard to believe it has already been four years since the hypercar has been in production, time has really flown by but if you really wanted to get full-blown access and see how exactly it is to drive and fiddle with all the modes of the hypercar, check out these videos that Bugatti released.

These videos teach you how to use the launch control mode, show you how to access the speed key and a whole bunch of other interesting tidbits on the Chiron. Bugatti has also included a top speed run, demonstrated by Andy Wallace. All five episodes are hosted by him, as he focuses on various aspects of this hypercar.

Andy Wallace, being Bugatti's in-house test driver has covered a total of 150,000km in the car and was the ideal candidate to showcase its potential. Andy effortlessly takes the Bugatti Chiron to its top speed of 420kmph in one of the episodes. All of this has been done in a controlled environment and Bugatti has said that these videos were recorded before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Let’s take a look at all five episodes down below.

Episode 1

In How to Chiron with Andy Wallace, the Bugatti official test pilot highlights and talks about what makes the Chiron such a special product and all the points of the hypercar that make it an extreme performance machine.

Episode 2

Coming to the interiors, Andy Wallace takes us around a tour of the Chiron's cockpit and shows us all the high-quality materials draped around the interiors. A point to watch out for during the video is when he showcases the speedometer that goes all the way up to 500kmph!

Episode 3

In this episode, Wallace takes us through all the driving modes on offer in the Chiron. For example, EB mode is the standard on automatic mode for your general use, while the autobahn mode adjusts the chassis to give it an optimised driving stance. He also then goes to the other two modes, namely handling mode and a sports plus mode. One part of the video that you must look out for is when he drifts the Chiron at speed and shows you how to be a hooligan in a Bugatti.

Episode 4

Another party trick of the Bugatti Chiron as explained by Wallace is the launch control system in the car. And it’s as simple as putting your left foot on the brake and pressing a single launch control button to unleash the brutal power of the Chiron's W16 quad-turbo engine.

Episode 5

This is the one we have been waiting for: the top speed run with the special speed key that comes along with every Bugatti Chiron. This is the final party piece of the car. If 388kmph is not fast enough, after inserting the speed key you can drive the car all the way up to its top speed of 420kmph. After inserting the key, Andy effortlessly takes the car all the way to its claimed top speed.

This is definitely something to binge watch and each episode is just few minutes long. After watching it you will be armed with all the facts and figures that you need to drop some knowledge about the Bugatti Chiron at the next cars and coffee you attend.

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