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Rimac to develop Bugatti Chiron replacement
Jordan Katsianis
3 min read
Porsche takes 45 per cent control of new Bugatti-Rimac tech firm that will develop future EV hypercars
Bugatti introduces special edition Chiron Sport to pay homage to its legendary race drivers
Limited to a number of just 20 units the Bugatti ‘Les Legendes du Ciel’, takes design references from Ettore Bugatti’s aircraft from the 1920s
The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: How different is it from the 'standard' Chiron?
The pièce de résistance of all Bugattis of late has been their top speed, until now
Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace demonstrates the Chiron’s capabilities
We get to know the Bugatti Chiron and all its party tricks through a series of videos, starring Bugatti’s test driver Andy Wallace
A Bugatti Chiron W16 engine on your wrist, courtesy Jacob & Co
Luxury watch manufacturer Jacob & Co just released its limited edition watch for the Bugatti Chiron that includes a working miniature W 16 engine
How do you film a record run for the Bugatti Chiron
This Is how a Bugatti Chiron was filmed at 400kmph, filmmaker Al Clark takes us on the behind the scenes of this shoot and reveals all the equipment that was used to capture this record-breaking run.
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