Hyundai reveals design details of the Vision T concept
The Vision T is the seventh Hyundai Design Center concept expressing the brand’s evolving Sensuous Sportiness global design languageHyundai

Hyundai reveals design details of the Vision T concept

SangYup Lee, head, Hyundai Design, speaks about the concept’s details in the walkaround video

Hyundai Motor has released a new walkaround video of the Vision T plug-in hybrid SUV concept, first revealed at the Los Angeles International Auto Show last November. In the video, SangYup Lee, head, Hyundai Design, explains the key characteristics of the concept car’s design: dynamic architecture, sharp edges and straight lines, and geometric design features called ‘parametric dynamics.’

Many aspects of Vision T such as the sharp angles and straight lines can clearly be seen in 45, Hyundai’s subsequent concept car. While the connection to the Prophecy, the company’s most recent concept car, is less apparent, all three models are united under the Sensuous Sportiness design identity.

In the video, Lee first draws attention to the Vision T’s sporty stance, with its low hood, short front overhang and wide wheelbase. Next he explain the parametric dynamics: a chiseled surface, a combination of soft surfaces and hard lines, and sharp, geometric edges, comparing it to a mineral or crystal shaped by hand.

Viewed from the front, the grille design is a striking feature. This is because when stationary, the grille is closed, but once in motion, each individual cell of the grille opens independently, controlling airflow to the powertrain, optimising aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Another interesting element in the front of the car is the 'Hidden jewel' headlamp design, repeated in the taillights as well, both which feature a sequenced lighting theme. So, when the powertrain is shut down, all lights, and the Hyundai logo, follow a prescribed light extinguishing sequence, with the logo being the last lighting element to shut off.

Speaking on the design philosophy, Lee says, “We really wanted to create the Vision T as the most avant-garde, the sportiest, freshest CUV, the most dynamic CUV as a vision that we wanted to introduce.”

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