Hyundai's encourages social distancing by adapting its logo
Hyundai's encourages social distancing by adapting its logoHyundai Logo

Hyundai's encourages social distancing by adapting its logo

The Korean automaker posted a temporary new logo on Twitter designed to encourage the practice of social distancing by showing an elbow bump instead of the traditional shaking hands in its logo.

Hyundai redesigned its iconic logo in an effort to promote social distancing. A little-known fact about the Hyundai logo is that it actually symbolises two people shaking hands, highlighting the relationship between the customer and manufacturer. A lot of carmakers have been making efforts to promote social distancing by reworking the logos to show the space between us can benefit us during this global pandemic.

Hyundai, on their social media page, released a logo of this reimagined message, that shows two hands not greeting each other but just gesturing up in the air to depict an elbow bump, with the caption reading that social distancing is important for our safety. Elbow bumps have been adopted recently as a sign of greeting each other in this time where social distancing that has been mandated by the government authorities, so many leaders have been giving each other the elbow bump. Hyundai has taken this and incorporated it really well in their logo messaging.

This is just one of the examples where companies are trying to shift their marketing campaigns and spread a message for a better cause in these times of the COVID-19 and Coronavirus outbreak. Although we don’t think this logo will end up on any of the manufacturer’s production cars, but it’s good to see such an effort being made by Hyundai.

Hyundai India has also taken a lot of steps to help control the spread of this outbreak by importing the necessary medical equipment that included masks, test kits and ventilators from South Korea and have distributed them among local authorities in India. This pandemic has affected the whole industry with many manufacturers stepping up to help tackle this global pandemic.

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