Skoda Octavia vRS245 selling like hot cakes
Skoda Octavia vRS245 specs and featuresOctavia vRS245

Skoda Octavia vRS245 selling like hot cakes

The fourth-gen Octavia vRS will henceforth be available in only three paint schemes, as the Rally Green and Black Magic colours are already sold out!

The Skoda Octavia vRS has always been an antithesis of sorts. Despite being from a brand that is (allegedly) still experiencing troubles with regards to its aftersales service, used examples are snatched up faster than you can say ‘turbo spool’, and this phenomenon will definitely not abate anytime soon, as only 200 examples of the latest iteration, the Octavia vRS245 have been allotted for India, and are already on sale!

Zac Hollis, director, Skoda Auto) said on Twitter

What we’re focussing on right now is that the cars are getting scarce with every passing moment, as a reliable source (well, Zac Hollis, director, Skoda Auto) said on Twitter that all the green and black cars have already been booked, a testament that enthusiasm for good drivers’ cars is still very much alive and kicking, at least for now. So if you have the moolah and want to experience the Thrill Of Driving, you too can book yourself a Skoda Octavia vRS245 at

But that isn’t what we’re talking about here. After all, we all know the vRS245 (named for its 245PS power output) is priced at an ex-showroom price of Rs 35.99 lakh, and went on sale at 12 noon on March 1, 2020 on the brand’s official website, at a booking amount of Rs 1 lakh. We also already know the ’245 gets the same body style as the regular car just with some added details like gloss black elements in place of the chrome trims, dual-tone Vega alloys, and sits 15mm lower, improving handling and giving it a more sporty character. That’s all old hat.

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