Tesla uses parts from the Model 3 to build ventilators
Tesla is not only a car company, but also a technology company focusing on a variety of sectors like renewable energy and artificial intelligence

Tesla uses parts from the Model 3 to build ventilators

With parts from the Model 3 being available in abundance, Tesla steps in to tackle coronavirus with its homegrown ventilator design

Tesla has been at the forefront of technological innovations since the last decade – especially in the EV domain. The Palo Alto based carmaker proved to the world that EVs don’t have to be boring by manufacturing ludicrously fast cars like the Model S, 3, X and Y, completing its ‘SEXY’ high performance EV range.

With coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate in the USA, the American medical health fraternity is facing an acute shortage of medical supplies. Ford began manufacturing ventilators last week itself and Tesla too has taken this challenge in its stride. Members from Tesla Engineering have developed a prototype ventilator using parts from a Model 3!

Ventilators help patients breathe if they can’t breathe by themselves. Tesla created its own ventilator design by relying heavily on parts from the Model 3 electric sedan. In a video released by Tesla on YouTube, engineers explain how their prototype ventilator works. It uses the central infotainment touchscreen from the Model 3 EV that showcases crucial breathing and health related information. The touchscreen is powered by an infotainment computer acting as the brain of the system – controlling the precision variable valves and a variety of sensors.

In such challenging times, it’s good to see America’s industrial powerhouses contributing in different ways. Last week, Ford announced collaboration with GE Healthcare to manufacture ventilators at its Michigan facility. India is witnessing a similar trend. Manufacturers like Mahindra, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai among others are also extending their support to the country’s strained healthcare system.

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