Gaurav Gill at the 2019 INRC
Gaurav Gill at the 2019 INRCIndian National Rally Championship

2020 Indian National Rally Championship calendar is out, to start with Arunachal Pradesh

Tentative calendar for the 2020 INRC will start from November with a double-header in Arunachal Pradesh and may stretch on till January 2021

With things opening up, the wheels have begun to spin within the Indian motorsport community. So far we have seen that the revised and widened Formula 3-spec layout for the Kari motor Speedway is almost ready. Then, the sports ministry approved motorsport athletes to apply for government jobs. And now calendars are being firmed up. In the first true sense of motorsport getting back on its feet after the Covid-19 shutdown, we bring you the proposed calendar for the 2020 Indian National Rally Championship!

Tentative calendar for the 2020 INRC season
Tentative calendar for the 2020 INRC seasonIndian National Rally Championship

So what’s new?

In a word, LOTS! We have seen a plethora of changes enacted the world over in sports such as F1, MotoGP and the ERC, with organisers realising the competition is not just limited to the drivers and their teams. Similarly, the INRC will be putting in its best to ensure all guidelines provided by the Government are followed to the T.

The first big change, thus, will be the INRC running as a series of one-day events, going back to the format that was implemented a few years back for a short while. There will also be back-to-back rounds with round 1 and 2 proposed in Arunachal Pradesh to be a double-header.

The old N minus 1 concept, where the results of one rally will be dropped from the championship consideration (in case of a driver DNF-ing or setting a sub-par result) will return but will be implemented only if more than four rounds take place.

Further, the increased pace of competition naturally warrants upping peripheral requirements. To that end, there will be two scrutiny bays for two cars at a time, with the stipulation of not more than two persons at each bay.

Into the action

Getting now to the main event, and the rally stages will average between an 80 to 100km distance with the omission of both Super Special Stages and Shakedowns (so no full-tilt spectator-friendly action, unfortunately). There will be the provision for one pre-evening run (if required) with no leg points. Further, the custom of ceremonial starts will be given the pass this time around.

With regards to the drivers, documentation for the rally will be held exclusively online, as will the pre-event briefing (if at all required). Lastly, documents like the supplementary regulations, service manual, safety manual and rally guide will also be available only as soft copies with press brief for the event to be had in online form only. Finally, an automated remote controlled trophy distribution table (like that in F1) has been proposed.

The new normal?

After what seems like an eternity without physical motorsport, saying we’re enthused for proceedings to start would be an understatement. Having said that, a lot rests upon the Indian National Rally Championship going off without a hitch. This is because it will, no doubt, serve as a precedent for all other championships, national or otherwise, to take notes, and GET BACK TO WORK!

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