Audi takes the covers off the RSQ8 at the LA Auto Show

Audi takes the covers off the RSQ8 at the LA Auto Show

It is the fastest and most powerful SUV Audi has made, ever  

The Q8 is Audi’s flagship SUV, it follows a coupe like design language and shares many bits and bobs from the Q7 and that is not a bad thing. It already had all the tech and luxury you ever needed and now in RS guise it also has more than enough power, it even holds the record for the fastest SUV around the ‘Ring (7:42.253). The RSQ8 is basically a Lamborghini Urus, just slightly more sober.

It gets the same four-litre twin-turbocharged V8 as the Urus (and RS6) but it makes 591bhp and 800Nm of torque. It is also coupled to a 48V mild-hybrid system and cylinder deactivation technology so its economical too, err.. relatively. The RSQ8 can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.8 seconds, that is blisteringly quick and if you keep the throttle pinned it will go on to an electronically limited 305kmph. An SUV that weighs this much and goes this fast needs to have massive anchors too and the RSQ8 has optional carbon ceramics that measure 440mm at the front and 370mm at the rear, for reference 440mm translates to 17 inches so the RSQ8 has brakes bigger than most cars’ rims! The RSQ8 also gets four-wheel steering to make the car feel more nimble around corners; Again, relatively.

The RSQ8 gets a more aggressive look overall as opposed to the Q8. This is thanks to the huge gaping air intakes, roof mounted spoiler and the complete lack of chrome anywhere on the outside, even the Audi badges are blacked-out. There is a carbonfibre grille surround as well as a carbonfibre panel joining the taillights, we expect that to be a costly optional extra though. As is with all Audi RS models, it gets oval exhaust tips.

The interior gets a sporty treatment too, it is covered in black along with a generous helping of Alcantara and carbonfibre all around the cabin. It gets the new RS specific displays on the Audi MMI displays as well as RS graphics littered around the interface.

The RSQ8 can be referred to as the poor man’s Urus (thinking out loud) or even the thinking man’s Cayenne Turbo Coupe. It makes more power than you will ever need and has all the luxuries of the other two. It is priced at Rs 1 crore internationally(excluding Indian taxes and duties). However, we still await the launch of the Q8 and much like the RSQ3, Audi may not bring the RSQ8 to India.

Audi also showcased the E-Tron Sportback at the LA Auto Show and it has probably the coolest headlights, of any car.

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