A gander at the next Hyundai Tucson
How can something look stylish and menacing all at once?Hyundai Tucson

A gander at the next Hyundai Tucson

Built on the brand’s new ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design theme, the new Tucson replaces the sweeping lines of the current model with slash-cut, geometric shapes

Hyundai Motor has revealed the first images, albeit computer-generated, of its upcoming Tucson. The shift in design seen here follows the next step up on Hyundai’s trend of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ first introduced on the new Elantra, and seems to culminate in this, the new Tucson’s ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design theme.

The all-new Tucson’s advanced exterior styling uses lines, faces, angles and shapes to create what the brand calls kinetic jewel-like surface details through digital data to offer bold design aesthetics.Viewed from the front, the new design highlights include the latest evolution of Hyundai’s signature headlamp architecture called ‘Parametric Hidden Lights’, earlier shown on the brand’s Vision T concept. These signature Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are seamlessly integrated into the jewel-like grille, and only revealed when switched on by the driver.

Full-length lightbar and fang-like brake/turn signals add oomph
Full-length lightbar and fang-like brake/turn signals add oomph Hyundai Tucson

From the side, angular body panels offer yet another interpretation of this parametric design. Hyundai says the new Tucson will be bigger and wider than the current-gen model, offering a longer hood and shorter overhangs on a stretched wheelbase, and giving it a sleek, coupe-SUV profile.

Stepping in

The interior (or Interspace as Hyundai calls it) of the new Tucson is like entering a neatly organised room with a dual cockpit layout offering personalised space for a high-tech user experience. On offer is a digitised lower instrument display (completely replacing a traditional gauge cluster) for a decluttered surface. The broad ridge along the dashboard blends seamlessly with the doors wrapping around the front occupants, with the brand saying the vertical orientation of the integrated centre fascia is inspired by waterfalls.

Tech-laden interiors with a focus on enveloping individual occupants
Tech-laden interiors with a focus on enveloping individual occupantsHyundai Tucson

Speaking on the design of the new Tucson, SangYup Lee, head, Hyundai Global Design, said, “The mission of ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is to elevate the emotional qualities of automotive design. We want our customers to feel moved. With the all-new Tucson, we are introducing its ultimate evolution and a definitive statement about Hyundai’s unstoppable forward momentum. The Tucson’s advanced, experimental design is true to its pioneering spirit and raises the game in the industry’s most competitive segment.”

Now, you may realise we’ve not mentioned anything regarding the powertrains on offer, and that’s for the simple reason that Hyundai has not divulged any details on that regard. Nevertheless, the digital world premiere of the all-new Tucson is slated for 6 am IST on 15 September, with the livestream, a teaser video and images available on Hyundai’s social media channels.

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