Jaguar to put more pace in the I-Pace

Jaguar is planning to make a hot SVR version of it’s electric SUV the I-Pace
Jaguar to put more pace in the I-Pace

Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and Tesla are currently making mainstream electric SUVs, while Tesla doesn’t quite need a performance department with a 0-100kmph time of around 3 seconds, Mercedes confirmed AMG will be working with their ‘EQ’ line of cars and Audi has been spotted testing an ‘S’ version of their E-Tron SUV.

Jaguar’s SVR division might arguably be the wildest ‘sport-arm’ of any of the top companies including AMG and BMW’s M sport division, take the bonkers Jaguar Project 8 for example. So it only made sense for the team to be let loose on the I-Pace electric SUV, and Jaguar agrees.

Jaguar confirmed they will be making an I-Pace SVR, just not quite yet. The company has other things on its plate that will generate better sales figures, but they will definitely be making a faster version of their electric SUV. The standard I-Pace has a 388bhp and 694Nm of torque which is no slouch, sprinting to the tonne in four and a half seconds and goes on to an electronically-limited top speed of 200kmph. The I-Pace SVR will be designed in Jaguar's new design studio in Gaydon, UK.

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