Porsche’s Track Precision app gets a big update

The Track Precision App can now work through Apple CarPlay and can even track the driver’s pulse via an Apple Watch
It's like having a personal driver coach!
It's like having a personal driver coach!Porsche Track Precision

If you own a Porsche, chances are that you also have access to a racetrack. What you may not have is a personal driving coach, unless you’re Bhoopesh Reddy. Well, Porsche has got you covered! Porsche’s Track Precision app already provide vital information about telemetry and on-track performance but it was restricted to your smartphone. With the latest update, the app can be loaded onto Apple CarPlay on the infotainment screen, allowing more information to be integrated like — steering angle, brake pressure and accelerator pedal position.

“Data analysis is a fundamental part of motorsport and can be a decisive factor in winning or losing. Using the Porsche Track Precision App, sports car drivers can improve their performance when driving on the circuit, while also documenting and plotting their success.” says Jörg Bergmeister, professional racing driver and Porsche brand ambassador.

Additional features include — automatic recording of laptimes via GPS, a real time display of your delta, recording of driver’s pulse via an Apple Watch, data can be sent to an iPad via AirDrop for detailed analysis. Your Apple Watch can also notify you if you’ve set a new personal best time!

The app is free, the 911 isn't
The app is free, the 911 isn'tPorsche 911 Turbo S

There are a total of 300 racetracks from around the world pre-loaded onto the system, users can also add individual recordings in case your neighbourhood racetrack isn’t on it. The app is available as a free download and is compatible with all 911 and 718 models that have the Sport Chrono Package installed.

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