Reise Moto TrailR tyres tested

Reise Moto is the latest Tyre manufacture in the Indian scene and we got to try out the 50:50 TrailR tyres
We tested the Reise Motot TrailR tyres on a Royal Enfield Himalayan
We tested the Reise Motot TrailR tyres on a Royal Enfield HimalayanShot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

Reise Moto is the latest tyre manufacturer in the Indian scene. The company comes under the Mahansaria group that has partnered with European tyre marque Mitas Tyres who have over 100 years of experience making world class tyres. That combined with Mahansaria group’s manufacturing experience of over 40 years, is what Reise is banking on to make great tyres at affordable costs. The company has tyres for ADVs, tourers, cruisers, sport bikes, scooters and a bunch of other formats of motorcycles in the pipeline. We were recently invited to test out the TrailR tyres at the 19 Degree North Adventure Park. Read on to find out how these tyres fared.

To kick things off, Reise has got the TrailR tyres which in its current design is a 50:50 on-off road tyre. The company has told us that as time passes we can also expect more off-road based tyres starting from 60:40 off-on road to proper enduro tyres. But for the time being, the company has launched the TrailR with a 50:50 on-off road split which will be available for a bunch of bikes including the Himalayan, the Hero XPulse 200, KTM 390 Adventure and so on. The bike that these tyres were fitted on was the familiar Himalayan which gave us a good idea of what these tyres are like.

The Reise Motot TrailR tyres have a bold and wider tread
The Reise Motot TrailR tyres have a bold and wider treadShot by Avdhoot A Kolhe for evo India

Before we get to how these tyres are like to ride, lets take a minute to talk about the design because these are some pretty looking tyres. The Reise Moto TrailR feature a knobby patter and upon first glance the tread does seem to be deeper than the tread present on the OE tyres of the Himalayan. Upon closer inspection, the sidewalls have an interesting design etched in. The design is similar to what you would find in a topographic map view of any outdoor terrain. An interesting touch. Apart from that you also have the brand name written in a bright yellow colour, which adds nice contrast.

Coming to the riding, right from the get go, these tyres feel grippy and confidence inspiring. 19 Degree North is famously known for difficult trails and that is exactly where we rode. Our route had some difficult trails strewn with rocks, ruts and loose gravel and the tyre kept pace throughout. The TrailR with its deep tread maintained grip at many places where I would usually lose grip if I were on the ADV’s OE tyres. The tyre digs in well allowing you to properly put the power down. Especially in the slower uphill bits, the Himalayan’s tractor like motor and these grippy tyres meant that you could easily chug along. Even while taking turns at slightly higher speeds in the gravel, the tyres never felt wallowy. Braking off road also felt surefooted without me ever feeling like I’m going to lose the front end.

What I am looking forward to test is just how well these tyres keep up on tarmac. Our ride was limited to the trails at the adventure park. So, I will only be able to answer whether or not this off-road capability comes at the cost of road handling once I get to ride the bike on the road. Now we didn’t get to test these tyres on the road, so I can't comment on its performance there just yet.

These are extremely nascent impressions on the tyre and we will give you a more comprehensive update along with how the tyres behave on tarmac when our long term XPulse 200 4V gets shod in these TrailR tyres. Pricing is not out just yet, but Reise Moto tells us that it should be within 10-15 per cent of its competitors (CEAT, MRF) which should make them good value for money.

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